My name is Biran Hezi and my passion is designing new innovative products. Since I was 3 years old I sketched and drawing. I have always been curious about the designing, engineering, developing, and creating that goes behind products. Through my curiosity I discovered the world of design and innovation. Personally, designing innovative transportation vehicles and solutions is my dream and love.

I design sophisticated products and vehicles for imagined futures, pasts, imaginary worlds and reality. My philosophy and mechanical fantasies come to life through sketches, computers, craftsmanship and high end technologies. I am trying sparking true emotions with their futuristic technology, look and details. My creative objectives are summarized as ‘create future proof products’ and ‘Unlimited Design’ for humanity.

In my designs I pay attention to simplicity, innovation, dynamic, user friendliness, details, and fun.

All of these are my personal life, seeing the world through people's way of life, nature and the future of technology.

Biran Hezi is on Twitter, FacebookLinkedInInstegram and BIRANEZI

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