• VW beetle dashboard shelf

    VW beetle dashboard shelf

    Hang on wall 60's VB beetle dashboard

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  • Office shelf

    Office shelf

    Made from convertible lexus bagage door.

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  • Work station

    Work station

    This product will spark your imagination. Even more, it will turn your life into adventure. Find the package you are…

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  • TOYOTA reception desk

    TOYOTA reception desk

    Consider this product. Is there anything really exciting to say about it? If you’ve ever wanted to get the product…

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  • DOORS desk

    DOORS desk

    This unique and very comfortable desk is a creation of immagination. Made from lexus front right and left doors with…

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  • VOLVO sink unit

    VOLVO sink unit

    This product will spark your imagination. It is made from one VOLVO 740 front hood.  

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  • Lexus bar

    Lexus bar

    Just one look at this great bar and you feel that you need to grab a drink.

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  • BMW storage unit

    BMW storage unit

    Uniqe piece of 1970's 318 BMW bagage door.

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  • Lexus sofa

    Lexus sofa

    When you feel that you want the luxurious comfort and eccence of life. Just have a seat on one of…

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