• Office shelf

    Made from convertible lexus bagage door.

  • Work station

    This product will spark your imagination. Even more, it will turn your life into adventure. Find the package you are…

  • TOYOTA reception desk

    Consider this product. Is there anything really exciting to say about it? If you’ve ever wanted to get the product…

  • DOORS desk

    This unique and very comfortable desk is a creation of immagination. Made from lexus front right and left doors with…

  • VOLVO sink unit

    This product will spark your imagination. It is made from one VOLVO 740 front hood.  

  • Lexus bar

    Just one look at this great bar and you feel that you need to grab a drink.


Designing Unique Art

Design is everywhere in our everyday life. Good modern design enhances the way we work, live and spend our leisure time. The majority of people spend most of the time inside homes and offices, we at Tin Man Studios are committed to making products that are unique and comfortable.

Modern or traditional, every product has its own story, its own life, and its own history . When we build a new item we think about the history that was left behind, the meaning it may have and what kind of piece it can be transformed into. We love working on new projects, and we are inspired to make cutting edge and high end functional art.

Creating stunning products

With so many design companies available on the market, it’s easy to get lost. To find a reliable one, do a bit of research.

Design is not only the space where we live and spend time. It is the material copy of our habits, beliefs and fantasies. It has been known that if a person wants to bring some changes into his/her life, it’s better to start with the environment where he/she spends most of the day. That is why we are extremely detail oriented in every project we do, and we do not stop working until we reach the highest quality. 

Designers are heavily dependent on such aspects as space, time, money, customer requests and other limitations, but we believe that the most important factor is the end user . Finding a synergy with our design, the space and the customer's needs. 

Committed team of professionals

Working with a high end professionals should mean not only high quality products but also customer oriented relations. We take a personal approach to every project we do, we get to know you, and we ensure that our products fits your needs, budget and schedule. We promise to never compromise on our customer relations or the quality of work that we produce.

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We have a passion in creating unique spaces